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Yellow pages are from 18th century but you are not.


Our country is rapidly changing and adopting new ways every day. Our people believe in smart solutions for every task but why we are still following old ways when it comes to hiring a service?

So we thought of a platform where we can accelerate the way services are hired. Araam is Pakistan’s first premium marketplace where users can find, compare, and book local services. We match people with right professionals to get their job done anywhere anytime in Pakistan. We are aiming to transform how services are bought and sold in Pakistan.

Our ultimate goal is to make Araam an inevitable and imminent service online. We are empowering startups and small businesses that need attention and want to grab customers.

How big is the opportunity?

In local Pakistan’s market there are thousands of customers and professionals. There are not many ways in how they can find each other, how they can work together and we felt that it was unavoidable and there could be a way to solve this market issue. Therefore, there should be a technology that could help them. The local service space is highly unorganized and struggling with inefficiency.

Consumer spends more than Rs. 50 million average on local services every year and what existing local service marketplaces serve them is either just a limited niche of services or only provide consumers with reviews or ads. On other classified websites you have to go fishing for customers; on Araam, we just hand you some fish.

How Araam solves the problem?

There were 3 main hindrances which prevented the rise of a vibrant marketplace for local services:

1.Chicken and egg problem

How do you balance user and service provider requirement, when each depends on the other? We have that; we will be launching with 500+ service providers that are already using Araam to serve our users. With 1 2 3, users can find any type of assistance they need, from the ordinary (florist, handymen, caterers) to the perfectionist (cartoonists, dj, interior designers). We request to these service providers by offering them a range of business marketing strategies and tools that are useful, independent of the network effect.


When you’re dealing with someone selling on eBay you care about the reputation of that seller but trust and safety are 100% more significant when a service provider is coming to your space. Araam aims to develop itself as a prominent consumer and safety symbol in the local service market. And for this we manually check each service provider by checking their identity verification, customer testimonials and reviews.

3.Quality of product

Crafting a marketplace for local services is far more complex than marketplaces for products; offerings are not discrete and it requires a discussion between buyer and seller. This makes the quality of the product extremely important. We have put over a year of work into designing our marketplace to make it flexible and refined enough to accommodate a large segment of the local service marketplace.

So how Araam is different?

Traditionally, companies trying to create a website to cater to the service sector have modeled themselves off of directories (Yelp, Angieslist, and yellow pages and many more) or classifieds (craigslist, Oodle,etc).

These online platforms have completely changed the ergonomics of these industries, but they haven’t improved the product from the consumer’s perspective.

Does Yelp make it any easier to schedule and book an interior designer?
Does Craigslist feel like a more trustworthy way to find a nanny than the local paper?

We don’t think so.

Araam is moving beyond the traditional directory or classifieds model and creating a genuine marketplace for services, a place where you can assess the trustworthiness of a service provider as well as the quality of their service. And we’re creating a platform to eliminate all the hassle of searching, contacting, scheduling, and paying.

In order to find someone to design a web page or planning your wedding shouldn’t be that hard, but believe us even with the review services like Yelp and Angie’s List, it is. Or with personal recommendation from a friend, you still have to make a call, wait for a reply, and wait for their availability —and if they’re not, call a dozen others all over again.