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Growing your business with facebook groups


As a business owner or a service professional you are always looking for new ways to connect with your target customers.

We now have more than 20 million Facebook users in Pakistan by the end of 2015. This popular social networking website has seen a rapid growth in the last few years due to rise in Internet users and Telecom sector growth in Pakistan.

Facebook is a great way to leverage your target audience. But with “Facebook groups” you can grow your business further by nurturing customer relationship, finding new leads and networking with the right people.

Sharing the vision to help and grow small and medium business owners in Pakistan, our team at Araam has created these targeted Facebook groups so you can benefit more by joining these group according to your business and industry.

But before we jump into the list,  Learn how to use these groups to grow your Business.

1- Network with Targeted people

  • Get feedback on your services and business
  • Attract new customers
  • Respond to online questions
  • Share relevant Content to provide value and build credibility
  • Be a mentor
  • Share your company achievements

2- Support Current customers

  • Invite people to these group the minute they become paying customer and welcome them warmly, so can buy again from you.
  • Be generous and foster  an environment of giving (Tips and tricks, hints, inspiration, industry knowledge and so much more)
  • Be transparent
  • Be present
  • Be inclusive

3- Nurture Customer Segments 

  • Develop customer personas by identifying the customers you have in group.
  • Listen to your customer needs.
IndustryFacebook Group
AccountancyAccounting Consultancy
Software Experts
Financial Accounting
Information TechnologyGraphics and Design
Programming and Development
Digital Marketing
Writing and Translation
Video and Animation (2D & 3D)
Food & beveragesFinger lickin food services
Cake specialist
LegalLegal Consultants
Water & Electric WorkPlumbing Installation
Three phase wiring
Air condition Service & repair
Home appliance installation
House keeping serviceHouse keeping services
Maid service
Pest control/ Fumigation
Home & OfficeInterior design consultancy
Renovation and ImprovementRenovation and Improvement
EventsEvent planner