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Grow your business smartly with these growth hacking tools

Over the years, startup community has grown and we have witnessed some amazing ventures. Many young entrepreneurs have come forward with their brilliant products/services.

Growing business can be very hard. Young startups need to grow 30% year over year or they will  die while large corporations are happy with 5% annual growth. So it is very important to grow your business with techniques which are efficient and effective.

A few years ago “Growth Hacking” might be an alien word to most of us but today many of us are aware of this term.

“For meaningful growth, startups must completely change the rules of traditional channels or innovate outside of those growth channels. They are too desperate and disadvantaged to adapt to the old rules of marketing. They have to dig deep creatively, and relentlessly test new ideas. If they don’t figure it out quickly, they will go out of business. Some people would just call this marketing. I call it growth hacking”  Sean Ellis

We believe in work which is done smartly, so we at Araam  came up with a list of tools you can use to streamline your work or get things done in a much smarter way and save your time.If you already have a startup or you are planning to start one, then this list will give you amazing results in your business growth.

      1. Sumome Listbuilder- Email collect form


The list builder lets you convert these one-time visitors into lifelong subscribers or readers. A lightbox popover which is customizable automatically pops up after a certain amount of time and ask your visitor to subscribe when the tool think they’re getting ready to leave the website.

      2. Sumome Twilighter – Make text tweetable



It grows your traffic by making sharing easy. Users of your website or blog can highlight a part of your content and tweet it right away. Isn’t that amazing

      3. Bounce Exchange – Conversion POP UPS


It is a pretty simple concept, this will make sure that your abandoning site visitors turn into your customers by inviting the users to convert with a pop up right before they leave your site. Their algorithm detects exit intent and lets you act right away as they see a user is moving their cursor to close the tab in the browser or change that URL.

       4. Colibri – Be a part of relevant conversation


A lot of us want to take part in the conversation which is relevant to our business. So this is a great tool which will help you land on right conversations. Monitoring Twitter, Quora, Hacker News,, Google and all the blogs in your industry so you can respond and comment on the most relevant discussions.

       5. Buzzsumo- Find most shared articles


Articles are a great source of adding up to your knowledge and to draw some ideas. But finding articles of your choice can be time-consuming so Buzzsumo is the pure awesome platform where you just Enter any term into its search and the tool spits out the most shared articles.

       6. Optimizely – A/B testing


Optimizely is the king of A/B testing for your website. The platform is easy and beautiful to use interface to perform A/B testing for your website.

These are the tools that may increase your productivity which will lead to success.

Araam believes in helping everyone mark their presence in the market. If you are a startup or any professional who wants to be successful then join Araam and reach out to your customers in a click.

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